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Commands Page

This action runs executable files (for example, third-party installers) during the installation process. The installer runs an executable file with the specified parameters and waits until it is terminated.

Run type
Select the run type:
Application - Run an application (.exe, .cmd, .bat files).
Shell Executable - Open the specified file in the associated application. For example, if you specify a .doc file, MS Word will be started.

The file to execute.

If you start an application, specify command-line parameters here.

Run as
Startup window state.
Normal - Use the default application status
Maximize - Maximize the application window
Minimize - Minimize the application window
Hide Hide the application window

Run schedule
Defines when the specified command should be executed.
Before unpacking - Start before unpacking files.
After unpacking - Start after unpacking files.

Wait until the application finishes
If selected, the installation process is paused until the specified file is terminated.