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INI files Page

Ini modifications can be used to modify the contents of initialization (.ini) files. It is usually recommended to store settings in the registry instead of initialization files.

INI filename. This setting defines the file to add the specified information to.

The name of the section to add the value to. The section name must not be in brackets.

The key name to add the value to.

Value data
Enter the value of the key.

Change the value if it exists in the target file
If the specified key already exists in the target file and has a value assigned to it which you do not want to change, clear this checkbox.

If selected, the specified key will be removed when the product is uninstalled. Once the last key in a section is removed (i.e. if the section becomes empty), the section is also removed. Once the last section in an ini file is removed (i.e. if the ini file is absolutely empty), the ini file is also deleted.

The Import button allows to import a list of section keys from an .ini file.