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Registry Page

You can use this page to specify the changes the installation should make in the registry.

Root key
Select one of the registry root keys from the drop-down list.

Enter the subkey value. Note: The value may not begin with "\". Example: "Software\%CompanyName%\%ProductName%".

Value name
Enter the subkey value name. If not specified, the value name will be set to "(default)".

Value type
Select one of the supported registry value types from the list.

Value data
Registry value. Specify a string for string values. Specify a list of value bytes in the hex format separated with "," for REG_BINARY values. Example: "D2, 00, FF, 4A". Specify a decimal numeric value for REG_DWORD values. Example: "58264".

Overwrite the registry value if it already exists in the registry
If selected, the value will be overwritten if it already exists in the registry.

If selected, the registry key will be deleted when the program is uninstalled.

The Import button help you import a group of registry keys from a .reg file. Smart Install Maker supports RegEdit4 (Windows 95/98/ME/NT) and RegEdit5 (Windows 2000/XP) .reg files. Select the .reg file you want to import and click Open.