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General Page

Allow the product to be uninstalled
If this checkbox is selected, the uninstaller will be created for your application during the installation process.

Custom Add/Remove name
The name of the program in the Add/Remove list.

Uninstall title
The title of the uninstaller main window.

Uninstall file
Uninstaller exe file.

Uninstall log file
Uninstaller log file.

Visit the product uninstall web page
You can get quick feedback and bug reports from users who decide to uninstall your product. Just select this checkbox and specify your web page. The uninstaller will open this page in the browser when the product is uninstalled.

Close running applications
Here you can specify the applications to be closed at the beginning of the uninstallation.

Search string
Specify the string to search for in order to find applications to be closed.

Search as
Exact window title - Applications whose window titles coincide with the string will be closed.
Window title substring - Applications whose window titles contain the string will be closed.
Application filename - Applications whose exe filenames coincide with the string will be closed.