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"Well presented and easy to use program. SIM provides everything required to perform a basic installation that looks good. SIM also includes some advanced settings to allow a finer level of control over the install. Given its price and abilities, SIM seems to be the leading product of its caliber.
Due to circustances beyond my control, I had a short timespan to create an installer for a new application Im about to release. After sifting through many choices of install builder, I ended up settling for SIM. It provided everything I needed to get the job done in time, stay within budget and produce a professional result.
My thanks to the Developers on a solid product."

Tim Gall

"Quality program, and a program that genuinely doesn't have many freeware alternatives (at least none that make the job as straightforward as this does)."


"SIM is a real good install maker. As a matter of fact, it is way better than other similar apps. Extremely user-friendly, customisable, and powerful. Big thanks! Keep up the good work."

Roy Steele

"Great program, works (really works), covers all OS's and is easy to use and produces consistant results.

I needed to create downloadable setups for our games. I previewed a variety of other installers all of which made fantastic claims and had fantastic! prices tags. I had a set of simple criteria and was surprised that Install Maker was the only installer I could find that actually covered them all and worked so flawlessly, hard to believe."

Mark Ettle (Cobimobi.com)

"I have tried several and end's up with SIM. It's great, it's easy and ready to use in only a few minutes after installation. The user interface and also the end-user interface is very self instruction and I liked it so well that I translated into Norwegian."

Are Lind

"Just tried the software and it was great! Very simple to use, great interface and awsome results! It's possible to customize everything for your install file. I would rate the Smart Install Maker 10 of 10."

Sonny Bleeker

"I created my setups first with Wise Installation System 9.2. Without any message from Wise, I couldn't register the software after I reinstalled one of the computers I use. So, I had to look for e new Installation builder. After looking to many products that's make my live easer I found Smart Install Maker. The look and feeling were immediately good. The program is easy and quick to learn. I didn't need the manual or help file. So my first impression was a very good.

After I had bought the programme, I had contact with the supplier concerning a label which not entirely correct placed. Two days later there were update. The contact with the supplier is very good.

So if you looking for a Install Maker, I recommend this program. The price is fine, the service is good and quick. What do we need more from a supplier?"

ATOHR Bridge Software

"Smart Install Maker really does function as its name suggests. Simple but powerful, it is a must for all developers whether small, medium or even large businesses. The main advantages of the software are full compatibility with Vista (and older OS), competitive pricing, and small size. This ensures that it competes successfully with similar software."


"Really neat, and it worked perfectly. Much quicker to "learn" than other similar programs (as there's almost nothing to learn)."

Hampus Bengtsson

"I've just bought your installation software today and think it's amazing. I figured out how to use most of the features within the space of about an hour as the interface is so well constructed and intuitive. Congratulations on developing a fantastic product."

Gary Tamblyn (3dtp Ltd.)

"Very nice. I needed a software like this to give some files to my friend without him having to do it manually. Very nice, good interface, smooth use. Thank-You very much!"

Ted Steenes

"I really like your program, even for a novice "non-programmer" user like myself. It seems easy to learn, and has a very good price, too. So far everything only took "minutes" to learn."

Reuben Zook

"Smart Install Maker is just the right product for me, a small developer. I looked at products that cost from two to ten times as much as yours and found they they were too complex and too cumbersome for my use. As a developer, more than a marketer, I need to make new install packages weekly or even more often during the development phase, and to have a product that is intuitive and simple to use is vital. Thank you again."

Mike McManus

"This program is not for the everyday computer user. It is made for people who know what they are doing, regarding Registry Values, executions and whatnot. It is the perfect program if you don't feel like using a zip file, you can bag up a collection of files and just have them extracted though the most basic way, .exe files. I do recommend it for any person who wants to release their own product. Read more..."


"Smart Install Maker really impressed me, with all its rich features and simplicity. After I tried it, I understood that the creation of a professional looking installation package was a matter of a few minutes. It's the best installation packaging software ever!"

Homer Ramby

"I am trialing the current version of Smart Install Maker. I like its simple intuitive interface. It works very well in all respects."

Marc Crames

"I found your tool easy to use and would recommend it to anyone."

Marsha Moore

"This is a great application if you make anything that requires an install. I really like the default splash screen too. I recommend it, it gets thumbs up from me. Thanks Install Builders Company for another great and useful app!"

Thomas Jackson

"Your program is great! I've tried it and I love it! It works very well! I can personalize all messages, languages, icons, and all bmp, I can put all my credits or credits for customers. It is very good for a small company because I can charge more for my product. Other companies like Install Shield are also good but your software is simply the best!"

Nilson Aguiar

"Overall the interface is extremely easy to use and easy to get around in. All the settings for the installer is in a list of pages down the left of the screen. There is a total of 16 pages, covering quite a bit of ground. One of the greatest parts of this installer maker is the fact that you're not learning yet another language to make an installer for your product/files without sacrificing too much power. Read more..."

Andrew Klein

"Actually, a very nice and useful/usable program! I tried it out on my home-made software and it works beautifully. Way better than Inno Setup 5. More Powerful, User-Friendly, and No More Code! Just what I need!"

Eric Olivier

"Thank you for this software. I just tested it: created an installation package for my e-books in less than 3 minutes; and it worked like a charm. 3 Words to describe this program: Easy, Fast & Professional! This is not a tool for Software Developers only, but also for Publishers/File Distributors. I don't publish software but e-books which I sell online and on CDs. If you create files, you can use this software. In the past, I have searched for an affordable software which could offer Smart Install Maker features. I like and will be using it."


"You have a great product - we have now used it for some time without any problems. The one time we needed your support you helped us out within minutes."

TrendCatch L.L.C

"Great tool. I tried out several others, they were either too expensive or too complicated or faulty on Win64. I even bought one that broke down totally on Vista and XP64. Smart Install Maker does what I need, actually much more, but it's easy to use just the subset I need, and the price is very reasonable, so I'm very happy with the purchase."

Patric Lagny

"I've been looking for a easy and customizeable Install maker, And I Have Found It Here. It's Easy, Quick, and The Compression Is Good."

Jacob Kilgore

"I have never used anything so superb and easy to use for making installers, I recommend this product to anyone looking to build exe files. From complete noobs to pros its for you!"


"The best installer builder program builder I have ever used, just few clicks and you have a professional installer, there is no need to read any manuals or tutorials as it is very simple but offers so many options, I just want to greet the developer for such a powerful App."

Ahmad Roshdy

"Without doubt one of my very favorite pieces of Software and a genuine time saver. I support a program daily and put out a few updates a week - it's nice to know that this part of the task is a ten minute job at the most; highly recommend to any level user."

Bill Wilson

"A very good value program.
We are now using it for our PC Challenge Business Software (payroll and cash books) - distribution by CD and Web Page downloads.
The password system is very easy to set up."


"Well, I came as skeptic as any desperate Microsoft developer can be. Downloaded Smart Installation and 3 minutes after, my web site + web service + com + Service + batch files and vbs project was ready to be deployed.
After 3 wasted days of trying to get Visual Sudio 2008 to do the same. This product is simply doing it. Thank you."


"GREAT Software to use it for making the installations, and with that it's very easy to use it than the other software."


"I've been using InstallShield for 5 years. It's way more expensive, way more complex (it is very powerful) and frankly was way more than we at Escape Sports needed. Frustrated by the high price of installer programs I began googling the plane to see what was out there. Smart Install Maker was the third product I trialed, and by far gave the most value for the price. It is simple. Clean. Uncluttered. I don't know much about the bowels of the Windows registry or many of the other things that some installation programs make you think you ought to understand.
After 30 minutes of trialing this package, I purchased. It does what I need.
Thanks for your common sense approach to software product creation."

Ray Bennett

"I got the software, installed it and tested with a demo program of mine and I love it. Easy to use not to mention it would make a fast update or even a bug fix. Great software! It is worth the money. I tried other free and they were frustrating to understand."

Silverdown (John)

"The only one up to now that I've found to be really easy to use. A lot of software are declared to be user-friendly, but none of them really is, except SIM. I learned it within minutes, and created my first setup shortly after. Now I can build a setup in less than five minutes. Outstanding Software."

Arben Myrtaj

"Great product. Very easy to use, and saved our small start-up company a lot of money."

Promotional Games

"I'm very impressed. I tried it out for an hour and then purchased it. It's that good. Thank you for making my life easier! Sincerely, Frank."

Frank Leibsly

"I have been looking for several years for an install program we could use in our company for our software installations. I did not want to learn a new language or spend a lot of time writing scripts that would constantly need updating.
I found this and in 5 minutes I was able to have a professional looking install program. This is as easy to use as Winzip self extractor and infinitely more professional looking."

Robert Pennington

"I downloaded the trial version and was impressed, so much so that after doing a few tests, I bought it. The project I need it for is 240 Mb is size and contains more than 10,000 files. A previous installer took over an hour to install all of these files. Your product did it in less than three minutes."

Peter Larson

"Thank you.. the program is really help full!"


"Fantastic software."

Mohsen Ektefa

"Hi, Smart Install Maker have seen until now is the best setup program."


"Smart Install Maker is the "perfect" installer. Thank you so much."

Ezio Raddi

"I just love it! it is so easy to create an installation.
Thanks for this program InstallBuilders Company."

Artem Los

"Smart Install Maker is a great tool to use. It's user-friendly, easy to use interface, and anyone can use it without prior experience. I use it for my game company and it creates the perfect setup tool for my customers."

Nathan S.

"Previously, I had to give out all the dlls, all the exe and make a user mixed up. Now, using Smart Install Maker, I can package all files into one neat bundle."

VOT Productions

"I've tried Setup Factory by Indigo Rose; I must say that this software (Smart Install Maker) is the most Simple and Efficient Way to create installers."

Jake Kilgore

"I run a MMORPG Company called PlayRF USA and I'm very happy to be using this tool as it fits all our business models and needs for quick and stable deployment with so many advanced features that are needed. This product is hands down the best option for software deployment I have seen in 10 years."


"Smart install maker is the best software ever! on my first hour i managed to create 5 installers! its so easy!"