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Files Page

You can use this page to include a group of files in the installation package. You can add any files from any directories on your computer to the installation package and let them be installed in one of the predefined directories or in a custom directory on the target computer. The files you specify will appear in the Files list (initially it is empty). To add a file to the list, click the "Add" button. Or click "Add a folder with files" to add a folder.

Source file
The full name of the source file.

Destination path
The path for installing the file. Use the "\" character to separate folder names. Do not use the following characters that are not allowed in folder names: * ? < > / | :

If the file exists in the destination directory
Defines what to do when the file or subdirectory with the same name exists in the destination directory:
Ask - The user will be asked to confirm overwriting.
Ask if newer - The user will be asked to confirm overwriting, but only if the file being replaced is newer than the setup file. Otherwise, the file will be skipped.
Overwrite - The setup file will overwrite the file.
Overwrite if newer - The setup file will overwrite the file if the setup file is newer.
Skip - The setup file will not be installed.

If selected, this file will be automatically deleted when the software is uninstalled.

Add a folder with files
To add a group of files from some folder, use the "Add a folder with files" button. Choose the directory on your computer that contains the source files of the product to import to the file list. The selected folder path will be added to the target file name. Example: "%InstallPath%\Media\Lib.dll". All files and subdirectories in this directory will be packed into the installation package and recreated on the target computer during the installation process.