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April 21, 2007

Create Installation Packages in a Simple Way.

Save time on software deployment by creating installation packages in a matter of minutes.

There are many choices when it comes to making installation packages for your new software product. On one end of the spectrum, there are free installation software products. On the other end are expensive enterprise tools. Why would you need something else?

The freeware installers are, by definition, inexpensive, but are they worth their zero price tag? Such products usually come with little or no graphical user interface, forcing you to learn their scripting languages in order to create even the simplest distributive. It is up to you to decide if several hours of your time justify the monetary savings.

The enterprise installation makers, on the other hand, come with a full-featured GUI and are loaded with features. Yet again, it takes hours to master their complexity, which, combined with hefty price tags, is hard to justify when you just need to create a typical, straightforward installation.

Smart Install Maker is neither free nor bloated with unnecessary enterprise-level bells and whistles. It stands right in the middle of the pack, offering you the best of both worlds. Smart Install Maker is simple to use, allowing you to create a perfectly usable installation package in just a few minutes, yet all the features are there, making it possible to create complex installation paths with very little effort.

Even if you have never dealt with installation programs before, Smart Install Maker can be used immediately with no learning curve involved. An intuitive graphical user interface will guide you through the entire process. All you need to know to get started is your product and its name. Simply type the information such as the product name, installation path and your company name, and select the files that should be installed. Then, click Build, and Smart Install Maker does the rest.

Smart Install Maker allows making completely customizable installations, giving you full control on how, when and what is installed. Advanced compression algorithms and very little overhead make it possible to create the smallest installations that are easy to download. Full un-install control is automatically included.

Customize every system requirement as desired, from operating system version to end-user required privilege level, specify interactive or silent installation, gain access to registry keys and INI files, execute custom commands or pass values via installer variables - all that and so much more is not only possible, but easily usable with Smart Install Maker! Smart Install Maker is available as a free evaluation download, and its installation package is created with Smart Install Maker. Download your copy now at: http://www.sminstall.com/ and install it to see for yourself how smooth and nice-looking your installation packages can be!

Product page: http://www.sminstall.com/
Direct download link: http://www.sminstall.com/simsetup.exe (1.52 Mb)
Email: feedback@sminstall.com
Company web-site: http://www.sminstall.com/