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User review

This program is not for the everyday computer user. It is made for people who know what they are doing, regarding Registry Values, executions and whatnot. It is the perfect program if you don't feel like using a zip file, you can bag up a collection of files and just have them extracted though the most basic way, .exe files. I do recommend it for any person who wants to release their own product.

Professional Installer
- Choose either to have a background or to have just a plain small box, with out a background.
- Modify Positions of icons, use your own icons.

Shareware & Freeware Perfect!
- Insert Terms of Service
- Insert usage features, or other writings of your own.

Your Settings
- Make a file install in a permanent location, without the user being able to choose where that program, jpg, dll, and other files go.
- Each file can be installed into a different place and all with certain settings, like "Overwrite", "Ask User", "Overwrite if newer" and other very handy features.

Multilingual Support!
- You want to make an installer for people of other languages, well, it has it built in for you, which is a great feature. It supports over 20 different languages including Japanese, Russian, Korean and many others.

This is a great program and I really do suggest it to any person that is looking for that kind of thing. Hope this helped you decide if you want to get it or not.

10/10 - Very Professional
08/10 - Easy Interface
09/10 - User Controls

February 20, 2008